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Roland J. Gaul,
Founder and Curator

This website is dedicated with a depth of love that this child found very hard to convey as he struggled to grow day by day. It is to honor the deep devotion and unconditional compassion I experienced during a blessed childhood. It is dedicated to memory of the lady I was always proud to call my Mother, Marie A. (Gaul) Anderson.

This profoundly loving lady cherished the gift of her little boy more than life itself. In her endurance of tremendously impenetrability obstacles and unbearable and prolong suffering, she prevailed in using her life to express a sincerely heartfelt love for everyone she met. Marie dedicated her time on this earth to caring for others and allowing the Love of God to flow through her and into the lives of those around her.

She is especially remembered for the unconditional affection she daily showered with such bountiful blessings upon her one and only child. She is vibrantly alive today in the heart of one who never let her die. As last I held the beautiful gift my Mother in trembling arms, to witness her last breath of this life, I was overpowered as her loving spirit entered eternally into the child she forged into a man. The flowering of her everlasting love dwells within. The strength of her character and the depth of her compassion guides this son and inspires me to this day.

The love I found in the form and fragrance of her time on this earth was, I firmly believe, my witness to the very Heart of God. And I am truly grateful.

                                                                                                                    - William Anderson


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Welcome to the Gaul Family News on the World Wide Web. Please feel free to explore the features of this family resource center. These now include the Current News, a gallery of Newsletters from July, 1992 to December, 2004 and the Family History. My thanks to Peter Gaul and Dewie Gaul for their wonderful contributions to our family history and for their ever present support and to my son, Alexander Anderson, for many hours spent in developing this website and to the many members of our fabulous family for your numerous contributions. Please continue to let us share the news of the Gaul family. E-mail information to

PLEASE NOTE: The photo gallery now has photographs collected over many years by Catherine (Schechinger) Gaul - wife of William Gaul and the mother of Tony Gaul. Please assist us in identifying these individuals.

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